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a question for online service business owners...

Do you know what's Working

in your marketing?

Unravel & decipher what *really* performs so you can simplify and streamline for good

IT'S A TALE AS OLD AS TIME... (in the online business world, that’s probably 8 months.)

IT'S A TALE AS OLD AS TIME... (in the online business world, that’s probably 8 months.)

Guru #1 tells you, “You *just* have to show up and your people will buy.”

And Guru #2 tells you it’s not hard to get clients, your problem is you’re not productive enough… or you’re not using their superspecial secret method.

So you double down on this content-creation, funnel-flinging, ad-springing plan they sell you…

Only to realize you’ve created a whole new job for yourself. (Not exactly the freedom they promised!)

There's an old adage (like actually old, not internet-old) that applies here:

Less is more.

But it’s got to be the right less.

Of course... if you're not actually sure what that is, you sit there, spinning wheels and still doing all the things.

and there's the rub

How are you, as the expert in your field... but NOT in marketing, supposed to know which marketing activities do less of, which more? How can you stop spreading yourself so thin, chasing all. the. tactics?

less is more

And there's the rub.

How are you, as the expert in your field... but NOT in marketing, supposed to know which marketing activities to do less of, and which more? How can you stop spreading yourself so thin, chasing all. the. tactics?

get some mental clarity

How can you get the voices of a thousand gurus out of your head and finally get some clarity?

pilots depend on their instrument panels.

Surgeons rely on their tests and diagnostics.

You need a marketing control center


one place where you can see:

  • Which marketing is working
  • Where you’re wasting your hard-earned moolah (and more importantly–time!)
  • Which efforts could generate even more income
  • Where the missed content marketing opportunities are
  • And what… perhaps… you can actually stop doing

hey, I'm britney

I’m your back-pocket marketing strategist. I help entrepreneurs make a content plan and I build a dashboard to measure their results–with monthly reports that offer all the benefits of a CMO without the pricy monthly price tag.

dashboard for your business

IT'S EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW without all the technofluff.

“I sleep like a baby now.”

“I went from panicking and literally losing sleep at night to understanding my prospective client. They could see themselves in–and really connected with my posts–and went to purchase my offer. I used that organic traffic knowledge to drop my cost to acquire a client by 75%.”

dawn wiggins, divorce coach

Whether this is your third month or third year in business, that marketing control center for your business is your go-to place to make all future biz decisions easier.


a 4-week done for you service that determines the content strategy you need, puts it into action, & measures your marketing results.

visibility accelerator

What's Included in the Program?


step one:

We meet for your marketing intensive to determine your overall strategy and how you like to create marketing content, where you’re currently showing up (video, audio, written, social… not all necessary, definitely all available), and how we can measure your activities and results. (technofluff translation: these are the KPI’s and content gaps that are costing you money right now)


step two:

After sending you a questionnaire, I create a completely done-for-you 120-day content plan. If you already have a virtual assistant or team, each week it will give you ONE assignment and they’ll implement the rest. If you don’t yet have a team, your assignments will be clearly organized to take the least amount of time. (technofluff translation: your project management system is your friend)


step three:

I’ll hop onto your tech backend, make sure it’s set up properly, and start creating a control center showing what content is working, what content is underperforming. Think of it as a dashboard that shows you the indicator lights for an upcoming turn or oil change reminders for your business. (technofluff translation: none needed–I’m taking care of the tech on this baby so you don’t have to!)


step four:

You’ll receive monthly reports for six months providing insights. Underperforming content or marketing? We’ll see right away and figure out how to plug those “leaks” in your business. (technofluff translation: just the facts, ma'am–I'll pare down the information to *just* what you need to see so you don't get lost trying to figure out what's important and what's not)

wondering if this

program is for you?

I currently offer the Visibility Accelerator program to online service providers (think: therapists, coaches, nutritionists, business consultants…) who focus on these content areas:

video content creation

Video like lives, YouTube channels, etc.

audio content creation

Audio such as a podcast they host

written content creation

Written such as blogging or socials

“You help entrepreneurs get seen.”

"I would recommend you to entrepreneurs who are confused about how to stand out in the crowded internet space. I honestly would call you a Visibility Coach because you help entrepreneurs get seen so they can do what they love best."

teleshia delmar, lovers bond

In addition to all that, I also offer these extras to clients' projects:

be seen content expansion




text access & trello board

direct access texting

Quick 1:1 access via Trello & WhatsApp for the

project duration


name of the third extra

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Each month I take on just three projects.

This package is 100% customized to your needs. The first step is $1500 and complete packages are $3500-6000. Minimum investment is $2500.

I’d love to see what you’re up to and if I’m the right fit for you. I have a few questions and then I’ll set up a call with you to make sure I’m answering all your questions, too.

britney gardner headshot

I translate humans (and all their messy feelings)

into content planning that makes it easy to show up consistently.

Want to see some of my past projects?

About Britney Gardner:

Few marketers truly marry their creative and analytical sides. With a visual background in photography and graphic design and training under the top copywriters in the country, I pair that creativity with a strategic mastermind personality as an INTJ and Enneagram 8.

Host of The Know, Like & Trust Show podcast and creator of the BE SEEN Method, I help online service biz owners craft content that results in perfect-match clients.

dawn wiggins: maxed out therapist

janet allison: parenting coach